Mother - Daughter Workshops

A 3-4 hour workshop designed to improve and strengthen your relationship with your daughter. To find out about setting up a workshop in your area, contact Tova Now.

Teen Girl Workshops

A 2-3 hour workshop for teen girls on topics like self-esteem, self-compassion, confidence, staying true to yourself and more. Workshops can be customized to your community needs. To find out about setting up a workshop in your area, contact Tova Now.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops on Issues Teen Girls are Facing Today:

Some examples:

Communicating with your Teen

  • How to start a conversation about a difficult topic (Sex, Drugs, Alcohol
    and more)
  • How to react in a constructive way when your teen brings up a difficult topic
  • How to give feedback on the great stuff and the challenging stuff 

Understanding Today's Teens

What is the same and what is different and what effect does this have on today's teens and our relationship with them.

Sourcing Power from Within - Making Decisions that Work for ME?

How do we teach our girls to make decisions in today's world.

How can we use the Media Instead of the Media Using Us?

In today's world, the media is everywhere; on our TVs, computers, phones. What messages are they giving our teens and how do we make sure they are getting the messages we want them to be getting?

Helicopter Parenting - How Do We STOP?

We mean well, but we are hurting our kids. Instead of hovering and protecting our kids, how can we teach them the skills they need to survive in today's world?

To find out what might be a right fit for you and your community, click here to contact Tova.





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