So... when I was 16, my entire life changed.

On the outside, I was always striving to be the perfect daughter. I had wonderful parents, lots of friends, a life filled with meaningful activities, and a sincere desire to be the best helper and friend anyone could ask for. 

But inside, I was truly falling apart.

The self-imposed pressure to be perfect had begun to take its toll on me, leading to a crippling downward spiral of endless dark thoughts and self-criticism. I began to feel misunderstood, and invisible. So for protection, I built walls around myself. No one around me even that this was going on - from the outside looking in, you wouldn't even think anything was wrong.

But when I was 16, a mentor noticed the disastrous path that I was on. She stepped in to help me develop a positive self-image - an identify free of judgment. I could confide in her about anything: my feelings and thoughts, my fears and hopes. I was no longer invisible.

Her care and compassion opened me up, but it admittedly took years before I was able to recognize the destructive patterns that started during my teens, and perform the personal growth work required to break them.

What happens during our teen years has the potential to affect us for the rest of our lives. I still remember how isolated I felt before someone took the time to notice my warning signs, reach out, and connect with me on my level. That's why I do what I do.

I've dedicated over 20 years to helping empower teens and young adults. My unique methods allow them to explore who they are, and what is important to them. Through our work together, they become able to clarify what their values are, and develop the strength to live them out. Because my experience helps me to understand how they think and what they really need, we can engage in thorough, honest communication wherein they feel both heard and acknowledged.

My techniques help parents to experience the same authentic relationships with their daughters. Whether you are a young woman trying to find her place and voice in this world, or a mother wanting to better understand and support her evolving child, I can assist you on your journey.





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